What is the Problem?

Some think that if the issues I bring up about the authentic
voices and equal opportunity to represent ourselves as people with a disAbility
is such a problem and has as much of a deep impact as I proclaim then why
hasn’t it been addressed before?


That is a good question and I am sure it has been addressed
but was obviously squashed before it got any momentum. First is the stereotypes
and the way that most of Hollywood believes that only the stories and
characters that fit into the stereotype can be made into a movie. I know this
first hand as I have told you before that I have had my screenplays reviewed by
some who requested that I make changes to make them more stereotypical. But I
refused and besides how many stereotypical movies can you do? How many movies
that focus and center on the disAbility, or are surrounded by a political
agenda or how many after-school specials can you do?


But it is not all on the industry. You have to look at the
very nature of the disabled community. Most of us do not want to bring any
attention to ourselves and especially if it deals with our disAbility. Why?
Because the very image and opinions of general public – the American society
are that we are needy, dependent, unable to contribute to society and more of a
drain on our welfare and medical system then most. This is the image and
opinions we fight against and therefore do not want to bring any more attention
to it. If we protest and scream about the fairness and equal representation in
movies and television – or any cause for that matter – it will only contribute
and perpetuate the very image and opinions we are protesting! Serious catch-22!


And of course as I preach about the influence that movies
and television have on our culture and our society’s images and opinions – the
very stereotypes and even the essence of the problem is connected so much that
it is the main reason why the endless cycle continues. BUT this is where it
must start – in movies and television programs. We have to break through – I
have to break through to a producers, financiers, distributors so I can get my
vision, my authentic voice and representation in front of the ultimate group to
break through to – the audiences!


This is where it is a win-win. I want to get in front of as
many audiences as possible. And so along with the specific 3 elements that I
have included in all of my film projects, I also include the elements that all
successful movies and moviemakers are looking for – a well crafted script
(which has its own elements that make it more likely to become successful and
considered “well crafted”), and the very next thing – Hollywood star power –
name recognizable talent which I know I can and will attract to my co-leading
roles next to my character and actor with a disAbility. I plan to first attract
Hollywood star power by pleading the
cause and how great it would be for them to help me in breaking the stereotypes
and helping end the discrimination against other actors! Then when they agree
to look closer at the project I can get them to read the script where I know I
will capture their desire to portray the co-leading characters in my movies.


The main elements of a professional independent production
budget and distribution deal that includes a respectable P&A budget that
other successful movies have is where I am fighting and have been fighting for
the past couple of years!


But just like my fellow individuals with a disAbility
working or trying to work in this business – I not only face all the same
challenges that all of my able bodied counterparts have in getting funding and
distribution support – but on top of that I am fighting the stereotypes and the
discrimination the industry has on those with a disAbility – the very
stereotypes and discrimination that my film projects address and will break! Another


I cannot wait until we finally get the first step – the
first roll in the right direction of this change that I have planned for and
prepared to become a permanent solution to ending the seemingly endless cycle.
It will be like the snowball effect and depending on the success of the first
film (or size of the hill the snowball is rolling down) the faster it will
become. And just maybe one that I think is a very good possibility if given the
proper production and distribution support, will become a literal gold mine –
the mother lode of independent films and one that I have prepared and planned
already for so I can mine it for a very long time! This is the win-win
situation in where I get to have the social issues addressed and provide the
authentic voice and representation AND the financiers and distributors all make
a healthy return on investment. This affords me the opportunity to continue and
provide the long term answers to the current problems and finally break this
catch-22 forever!


And because I am a person who cannot be squashed and will
not go away – I will make my film projects with the proper production and
distribution support this cause deserves and will not back down until I get it
– all of the social issues that I have been preaching AND the commercial
success that is possible will come together in the same projects. How do I know
about this? I have worked it from every angle for the past 12 – 13 years and I
know and I can make it happen. It’s just a matter of who will I be able to
influence to assist in this process? Are you that person? Do you know that
person or someone who might be that person? Whether big or small contributions
– big or small abilities that you have that can be added – United to this cause
will be significant and never be forgotten.


Will you join with me?

3 thoughts on “What is the Problem?”

  1. Hi Larry, Reporting for DUTY. I can’t donate money… But, what I can donate is PRICELESS! SpinergyDude On YouTube AbiliTV – Larry, I ask this of you. When we pass on as people, what do we want remembered most? Our ABILITIES… Isn’t it? Now where WILL I BE NEEDED?I DONATE MY SERVICES TO YOU!

  2. Dear Larry,Hello, I read your article in SCI LIfe and must say I was really touched by your dedication, positive thinking, persistence, etc…I do not need a wheelchair, not yet anyways, but I was diagnosed with syringomyelia a couple years ago. A laminectomy at T11, T12 & L1 with a shunt insertion. we monitor the mass yearly and it has changed my life in every way possible. Keep me updated on all the good work you are doing. I reside in studio city and perhaps once I get my pain under control and am more stabilized I could help as I feel education is of utmost importance. All the BEST! Amy 🙂

  3. Thank you for writing, Amy. And thanks for your
    comments on my article in SCI Life. I am certainly grateful that it touched you
    and hopefully inspired some too! I do hope you get to feeling better and are
    physically able to participate in the entertainment industry soon. Living in Studio City, CA
    is definitely a great location for that! And of course doing is the best
    education as I have learned from both nooks and hands on – I can agree with
    many of my colleagues that experience teaches so much more! Of course as soon
    as we have casting and crew openings for our next production or any in the
    future we welcome everyone to apply regardless of your challenges. If you are
    confident you can handle the job you are applying for then that goes a long way
    in getting hired. Meanwhile, like I said I hope for the best on your health and
    well being. Return here to my blog and the website for updates as I expect many
    to be coming in the near future! Take care.

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