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Welcome back!

Well the website is finally update with a new look and more concise content! I hope you like it. And I invite you to visit the Contact page and fill out the Feedback Form if you haven’t already! Let me know what you really think! LOL!

Ok I also have to apologize for not keeping up with the blog. Although I anticipate being a lot more busy in the coming months, I will be making more regular entries. Sad that the last entry was my honest and realistic review of a movie that I cannot believe was as successful at the box as it was – and now finally part two of part two is about to be released! And although I didn’t read any reviews before I saw “Dead Man’s Chest”, I have seen some short ones already and it looks to be only somewhat better then part one of part two! But I will still make my own judgments as I am still hoping it will give more then the last and be like the first. But I can assure you I WILL NOT see it opening weekend. I do not want to contribute to it’s opening day and weekend results because the last one so disappointed me. I was glad that “Spiderman 3” whoop it’s butt in the opening day and weekend totals! ANd I so hope that Pirates part 3, no I mean part two of part two, doesn’t cross the bar Spidey just did!

OK the new blog entries will contain reviews when they hit me either really good or really bad and I have to. They will also contain entries that talk about film productions, styles and the like. And lastly but far from least they will be updates with the company and our films, namely the short “Glacial Breeze” which we will be shooting as soon as the funds are secured. Once complete it will kick off our promotional tour at the film fests and the PR work so that everyone who is anyone in Hollywood will know who “Abilities United Productions” is and what we do! They will know that Abilities United is the home for Hollywood with disabilities and that we bring and honest and authentic looks to our films that feature characters and actors with a disability!

This is an exciting time because we are starting to see more characters in Hollywood films that have a mobility disability as we focus on. Cameron’s “Avatar” and the recent release of “The Ex” which I will comment on in another entry. But this is a perfect time for us to position ourselves as the Premier motion picture and television production company that features characters and people with a disability. Look out Hollywood – here we come! 


Hello and welcome to my blog! This blog will mainly deal with my thoughts and comments about films, Hollywood and those involved! Of course I have a lot of thoughts and comments about that! It will be both specific about my goals in filmmaking – Breaking the Hollywood Stereotypes of Characters with a Disability, as well as general topics on Hollywood, filmmaking techniques and skills or lack thereof, and independent films which I think the definition of “independent” itself would be a long thread!

I welcome your thoughts and comments on my entries or if you have another thought or comment that is relevant to the topics on hand, please add them. I do not know if anyone will be interested in my thoughts on filmmaking and Hollywood in general so this is probably just a way for me to vent, criticize and praise certain things as they come up and thererfore probably going to benefit me more then any possible readers! But if you have come by then I give you thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!