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What’s Your Name?

Well today is the second of October. I have been posting a
blog entry a lot more often as promised – although I wonder if anyone reads
these ramblings! No matter it is probably mostly therapeutic then anything else
and so here’s another one!

I have to start this post about names with  last night’s episode of “Rules of Engagement”
When the character, Jeff was asked by his wife if the usual doorman in their
apartment building was working that night Jeff said “Not tonight it’s Larry
with ADD.” I died laughing! My ADD was a lot worse when I was a child and back
then it wasn’t called that – I was a trouble child or a troubled child – or had
too much sugar of which I resent all of those damn doctors for that since it
caused me to be denied candy, cakes and all the good things(from time to time –
I still knew how to get what I wanted) and it didn’t stop the fact that I
couldn’t pay attention in school and therefore did get into a lot of trouble as
my mind had me getting into things I shouldn’t have!  Maybe drugs would’ve been better – Ridalin
that is!

Okay and now what prompted this entry about names! “Michael
Clayton” is the new movie with George Clooney and to be released in the next
week or two – and when I first heard the commercial say the name “Michael
Clayton” I was quickly trying to remember the name of my antagonist/villain in
“London Time” screenplay. I knew his last name was Clayton. And who names a
movie after the name of one of its characters? Unless it is a famous person
“Capote” or prominent figure in history like “Lincoln” but Michael Clayton? Then I
remembered my Clayton’s first name as David. Whew! I didn’t want to change his
name! Even so I do hope that it isn’t seen as if I am trying to copy or that I
have some thing out to get Clooney so I called my villain Clayton! I wrote the
“London Time” screenplay about 4 years ago!

And then two weekends ago I went to see “The Brave One” at
the midnight show. Good, no really good movie – great story and performances
and I really liked the way the director and editor used the sounds and images
as Jodie Foster’s character had flashbacks. It wasn’t over done and very
poignant and done wonderfully. Anyway, to get back on topic, the address at the
end of the story where Foster was told she could find one of the guys she was
looking to revenge upon as well as the detective (portrayed by the incredible
Terrence Howard) rushing to get to was shown on her cell phone as “90 Clayton

All of these Clayton’s in my life at the same time. I was
thinking what’s in a name? Was this destiny? Was it good or bad destiny?
Probably neither but it is still fun to think about and to take a break from my
current frantic search for an immediate solution to my personal financial
situation that can only be solved through the funding of my company or feature
film! Well there are other ways but they will either take too long or bust me
for being illegal. So I better get back to it! Nothing gets done by itself and
I have a new plan to get the attention of those who I think will want to help!