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Hello and welcome to my blog! This blog will mainly deal with my thoughts and comments about films, Hollywood and those involved! Of course I have a lot of thoughts and comments about that! It will be both specific about my goals in filmmaking – Breaking the Hollywood Stereotypes of Characters with a Disability, as well as general topics on Hollywood, filmmaking techniques and skills or lack thereof, and independent films which I think the definition of “independent” itself would be a long thread!

I welcome your thoughts and comments on my entries or if you have another thought or comment that is relevant to the topics on hand, please add them. I do not know if anyone will be interested in my thoughts on filmmaking and Hollywood in general so this is probably just a way for me to vent, criticize and praise certain things as they come up and thererfore probably going to benefit me more then any possible readers! But if you have come by then I give you thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!