Superhero in Superman

I originally began writing a new blog entry last week that spoke of Christopher Reeve and how he was an inspiration to millions of people in both words and action – and that along with that he also inspired others to become heroes – which I believe is what made him a real Superhero! While I was writing it, I knew that it really needy a more permanent home because in telling why I felt he was a Superhero to me personally, I had to document my life since my accident that caused me to become a paraplegic and how my life and that of Christopher Reeve’s intertwined even though we never met in person!

Superhero in Superman

So instead of a blog entry, I put it on its own page on the website: There is a link to it from the home page too! And as usual, it is a little long – not unlike many of the entries here on the blog and it is like reading a newspaper article but with a lot more photos and links! And even a beautiful video – if you make it to the end! All in all – it is my story, my life which of course encompasses my work (I know I really need to get a life outside of this cause, mission and my passion for filmmaking) how Christopher Reeve still inspires me to stay true to myself and my work because of the huge impact it will have for million of others with a disAbility, and how his life impacted mine even though we never got a chance to meet face to face! Enjoy!

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