Hollywood Drive By Shooting!

I could shoot first and ask questions later, but the most important part of this is that it is time to shoot! I cannot wait for the proper independent production financing and distribution support for the feature film, “London Time” to fulfill my need to shoot something! So, it is time to shoot a short film while we continue to make opportunities happen for “London Time”. While I have several shorts written and some partly written – I have it narrowed down to the following – and I wonder if you have any thoughts on which I should shoot! Which do you like or think is the best to help make the mission of authentic representation of paraplegics and those with a disAbility in general, in movies and television?

“Glacial Breeze”

Oooo, so icy cold!


And yet oh so good looking! What happens when the person we thought was so attractive from first sight looks differently to us when we see the whole person?


Glacial Breeze separately follows two people, a man and a woman, whose lives kind of mirror one another as they are very attractive and the opposite sex flirt with them all day long until they all bump into each other at a restaurant that night and we get to see the whole person of each! Yes, this is taking the moral of the story from figuratively to literally as we do not see that our two main characters are wheelchair users until the end and that is when we get to also see what others are like when they too see the whole person is in a wheelchair that they didn’t see during the day, driving in a car or behind a desk.

  1. This is one that is fully written and even a complete storyboard .
  2. No dialogue – will use sound effects and music. This allows the audience who unless they know me or the Abilities United Productions brand – will get caught up with the supporting characters who are attracted and flirting with our two main characters and will also be surprised near the end when it is revealed they are wheelchair users! It will hopefully make audiences reflect on their own opinions and reactions to seeing the “whole” person and a little insight to what it is like for these unique characters with a disAbility!
  3. Approximately 12 minutes long and estimated budget of $6,500.

“Un-Working Class”

This is a dramatization of many stories of people with a disAbility working or since we are rarely accepted in creative roles, trying to work in the entertainment business. It has several fictional characters and one (e-gags I cannot believe this) that is based on me who is on a production set directing a scene from the “London Time” screenplay and may be (I really cannot believe I am saying this as I don’t like being in front of the camera) that I may portray! It is full of creative ways to tell our story of life as an artist in this business that end in an almost Public Service Announcement style that asks Hollywood to let us be the creative beings that we are with the same opportunities to represent ourselves just like all other minorities and our able bodied counterparts.

  1. This is fully written in a screenplay but does not have a storyboard.
  2. Handful of stories that interconnect to tell everyone what it is like for those with a disAbility in Hollywood – it could be seen as an expose and may cause some backlash while also raising awareness to our reality in this business.
  3. Approximately 20 minutes long and estimated budget of $6,000.

“Let Me Be Myself”

The Geico Cavemen commercials are unique and universal in showing what it is like to be stereotyped and how it feels when others represent them only in those stereotypes.


They also show what it is like to be different from everyone else and despite that and how others view them, it is okay to be yourself. I highly identify with them as a paraplegic and full time wheelchair user! In this short film, I want to use the comparison of some of these Geico Caveman commercials and mirror them with some other wheelchair users. That includes using a similar slogan in which they say, “Geico, so easy a caveman can use it.” I would be using the image I created with the saying “Hollywood says: disAbility is so easy anybody can represent.”


 This is not completely written – merely sketched out and will use only a handful of locations such as: the bowling alley, airport walkway, night time street, etc.

  1. This could be a good, quick, video that might be good internet marketing if it goes viral or semi-viral. But there could also be a problem with using some of the Gieco commercial scenes and the 3 Doors Down song used in the commercial. May be able to contact and get permission under the premise this is to make a good point that is necessary and will not be used commercially.
  2. Approximately 5-7 minutes long and estimated budget $2,500.

“The Randomizer”

This is a comedy that emphasis the minority status of the disAbility community and how it is not given the same respect as all other minoritiThis is a comedy that emphasis the minority status of the disAbility community and how it is not given the same respect as all other minorities in Hollywood. Investigative news reporter is doing a story on the claims of this new phenomenon of a “minority randomizer” that randomly selects the minority status of a person who is injured or has a disease/illness. The first is an interview with a white man who does not believe there is such a thing as a “minority randomizer” but as he drives away in his car it is struck by another vehicle and he steps out of his car shaken and a bit in pain but also as a victim of the “minority randomizer” as a black man!


As he shakes his head, grateful that his is alive, he then realizes what has happened he tells the reporter that he is so glad he was wrong about the “minority randomizer” because he is an aspiring actor and this means he still has a chance at working in Hollywood, unlike if he was disAbled – although his parents may be even more upset now then when he left the Mid-West to follow his dreams! Because a disAbility can happen through injury or illness and either born with or acquired later in life, the reporter investigates other cases and claims of this new “minority randomizer” included a new born in the hospital who is not the same race at their parents but they are extremely happy it is a racial minority and not a disAbility minority so that their child will have the opportunity to become to a star in Hollywood! A couple of other cases are investigated and then the reporter closes the news segment by saying that it looks like the phenomenon appears to be real and until things change in Hollywood and those with a disAbility are treated with the same respect of self-representation as other minorities the “minority randomizer” is a good thing for those working or hoping to work in the Hollywood!

  1. This is still being developed and not written or storyboarded.
  2. Could be a real funny short that could get some airplay on the “Funny or Die” website which could bring a lot of attention to the real issues that are being made fun of in this short film.
  3. Approximately 15 minutes long and estimated budget of $4,500 (depending on the car accident scene and location or set work for other scenes)!

“Coming Out”

This begins with a head shot of a person (could be me – e-gags again!) explaining that their lifestyle is different than most and is based on something that is they feel is a major part of their life and their identity. They did not choose being like this and in some cases of others who are like him – it is not something that can easily be hidden – and that even fashion can be a dead give away as the camera zooms out and more of the person is shown he unbuttons a dress shirt and puts on gel gloves (those that are without fingers and often made of leather and/or mesh and easily mistaken for another lifestyle apparel.) After explaining this unique lifestyle he then mentions how it is time to “come out” and declare who he is and that because he lives and works or aspires to work in Hollywood the most liberal of people and companies that believe everyone should have the right to have their own voices, representations, and heroes and that they often embrace minorities of all kinds and that all should be treated equally – the camera then reveals he is a paraplegic in a wheelchair and his closing remarks state the reality that all of the above are true but that there is an exception when it comes to the disAbility minority and the individual voices and representation of those with a disAbility who Hollywood only on occasion will include a character with a disAbility and most of those limited roles are only considered inclusive on paper since they are nearly always written, directed, and performed by anybody except those with a disAbility.

  1. This is still being developed and not yet written or storyboarded.
  2. I wrote a blog entry very similar as this 2 or 3 years ago that is just as funny and serious, but this would have a lot more affect in a short film that could become an internet viral video on YouTube. Many people will follow the character through his description of his often misunderstood minority status, about being different from most and how he should empower himself by “coming out”! That he should be loud and proud of who he is and that it is good that he wants a career in Hollywood rather than the military! Until his minority status is revealed – and then it should – hopefully cause the audience to think about the realities of being disAbled and repressed because of our “lifestyle” in Hollywood.
  3. Approximately 5-6 minutes long and estimated budget of $500 (depending on the use of props and maybe editing in some other images as he describes what he is talking about. It could be less if I…e-gags again…if I am the one in front of the camera!)

So those are the possible short films. Some have more information that can be accessed on the website and some that require more development, but I think they all have great potential to help raise awareness and cause others into action to our cause and mission with a possibility of raising some support for the new representation (aka – representing ourselves) of those with a disAbility in a non-stereotypical and commercial movie such as “London Time”!

What are your thoughts?

Which one to you like best?

Which do you think will have the best impact?

Are they the same short film project?

Tell me which one you think I should shoot first and soon!

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