The New “London Time” Look!


WOW! Now this should give you a little idea of the look and impression of what “London Time” is all about! Of course I  pitch it in words, as a modern day, 21st Century “Ironside” meets “Lethal Weapon” and “CSI: Crime Scene Investigations” and an authentic movie hero with a disAbility, that Detective London is more of a Dirty Harry character that just happens to be using a wheelchair. Just as I wrote about in the previous blog post “A Real Father’s Day Promise “.  I also try to convey what kind of movie I am making! What it is like when Hollywood allows a minority to represent themselves – instead of faking the minority status of an actor, writer, and director! This is giving paraplegics and other disAbilities the same respect as other minorities with an authentic voice, vision, performance and overall AUTHENTIC REPRESENTATION of paraplegics and those with a disAbility in general and the impact and impression this can have on American cinema – one that is not stereotypical, nor some “statement” film that is all about the disAbility. I do not ignore the fact that my character is a paraplegic but I also do not focus on it! “London Time” is a commercial independent movie, that I will produce with a blockbuster look, elements, and potential! But these are just a few, passionate, enlightening (to some) and empowering (to all those with a disAbility) words, and sometimes a picture, an image can have the impact of a thousand words! I hope this mock promotional poster does that! It is not an official movie poster!  I have not even produced the film yet! I have written the original screenplay but, as the icon and the credits at the bottom of the poster spell out, the screenplay has been an official finalist in the only film festival screenplay competition I have entered it into, and no casting of these major characters have been done, which brings me to this important disclaimer:

This mock promotional poster for the ”London Time” film project in development, is a compilation of altered images from the internet. The most important of these are that of the three main characters: Detective London, which is authentically represented by actor and paraplegic performer with a disAbility, Tom Muxie. I did alter some of his appearance to include wearing a police badge and the informal, plain clothes, and kind of a rough look that mirrors his personal, inner self that I have developed for the character of Detective London. The other two characters are taken from promotional photos from a popular American television show that includes both of them prominently wearing police badges and followed some of the look that I have created for those characters. Marci Waters is the old friend of Detective London who returns to Dallas in order to accept the position as the new lead crime scene investigator of the forensic department. She is smart, strong, and sexy! Detective Richmond is the younger partner of London working for the homicide department and is a little more formal in his appearance than his senior partner Detective London. I use these images because they fit the characterizations described and they prove to be realistic characterizations since they are similar to those from the popular television show. THEY ARE NOT associated with “London Time”, me or my company Abilities United Productions in any way. This includes Tom, which I invite you to click on his name to learn more, whom I think is a fantastic actor, and is associated only as a friend who has graciously permitted me to use and even alter some of his image to provide the look that I am looking for in Detective London. I want everyone to know just as Tom completely understands that this role has not been cast and as I have promised over the years to many actors who have contacted me that there will be open auditions for this role once I have secured funding for the production. I do hope and encourage Tom to be there and all actors with a disAbility that fit the characterizations that I have described here and else where, and can authentically represent with the same or similar disAbility as that of the character of Detective London. The final reason for using these images is that I really want to give the impression and look of my feature film project that goes beyond merely words and will have a strong impact that most of us associate with pictures and images and the fact that I can not economically afford to hire a photographer, costumes, props, or models to produce such a promotional look at this time! As soon as I can afford to produce a real promotional poster for the “London Time” film project I will and will remove this one. Until then I hope this just gives a general but distinct impression of what I mean when I describe what “London Time” is about!

Meanwhile, if you have a comment on what you think of this new look over the previous image of merely being a Detective London police badge graphic for “London Time”


then please add those comments below! I would love to read them!

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