A Real Father’s Day Promise

Sunday was Father’s Day and I couldn’t help but think about all of the father’s with a disAbility. Unfortunately, I do not have any kids, but I do have a lot of great nieces and nephews! I don’t think there is an Uncle’s Day but I do have a father and he is great. Thinking about gifts for Father’s Day and as usual, because I love movies, I often give DVD’s for presents to everyone for every occasion, birthday’s, Christmas, etc. This got me thinking about the kind of DVD’s that I or you would give dad for Father’s Day!

Action movies come to mind first. And some of my favorites are “Lethal Weapon”,


“Die Hard”,


and “Dirty Harry”!


They all have great characters – Detective’s Murtaugh, Riggs, McClane, Callahan, and some action packed sequences! These are guy’s guys! The good guys who sometimes do bad things for the greater good! For them it is not about being “politically correct” or kissing up, even if it would further their career!

Now, what if your dad had a disAbility? How do you think he would feel like if there was a movie about a good guy but not one to be messed with and had a disAbility just like him? Someone he could relate to and someone who could “be representin’ those with a disAbility” – showing how those with a disAbility are NOT like the stereotypes most movies portray! And how empowering would it be if the writer, director (yours truly), and the actor in that action movie all had the same or similar disAbility as that character? That would be real – even Hollywood real!

That is who Detective London is in my feature film project, “London Time”! He is the Detective Murtaugh, Riggs, McClane, and/or Callahan in a wheelchair! MUCH more than an Ironside just sitting in a wheelchair solving crimes! Detective London is a 21st century homicide detective who is also a paraplegic using a wheelchair. He also is one who says exactly what he thinks and feels regardless of what others think! This is most obvious when it comes to the news media whenever he gives a press conference or is ambushed by reporters like a bunch of paparazzi on celebrities at LAX. And he also speaks his mind when it comes to forensic science, ever since the fame of television shows like “CSI: Crime Scene Investigations” he feels it portrays that only high tech investigations using all the latest technology can solve all the world’s crimes, when he believes it is his street investigations, interrogations, and gut check instincts that catches criminals.

Detective London is a lot more than talk as he is also fully in charge wherever he goes and is full of action when necessary, such as when he is interrogating a suspect, involved in a car chase, and in a huge gun fight all of which can be found within the “London Time” screenplay!

But London is more than just a homicide detective. He is a very interesting man who adapts to situations when necessary and will adapt them to his will when possible. He is fighting his own demons as a widower and a father of a young daughter who was killed a few years earlier, which he is often reminded of nearly every night, he is good looking and women do notice him – beyond just being a wheelchair, he occasionally cares about others – mostly victims but also family and friends, even though those are limited, and as we find out in as the story evolves he is also a romantic, all of which makes a complex and interesting character. You can learn more about Detective London, Marci Waters, and Detective Richmond at the website “London Time” page at: http://AbilitiesUnited.com/londontime.html

I make this promise to all dads and especially those with a disAbility, and for the many who will acquire a disAbility in the future due to an accident, illness or as time goes on and they age, I WILL PRODUCE “London Time” with a professional independent production budget (of at least $5 million) and secure professional distribution contracts so that the movie has inclusion in the marketplace with the same fair and equal marketing and exhibition that all other professional independent movies have, and therefore give the audience the same respect watching it rather than having to search for movie that is given a direct-to-dvd treatment.

And I promise to keep the Detective London character, portrayal, and representation true to the descriptions given here and you will finally have that action hero who works for the greater good AND is also one who isn’t like everybody else, who has his own limitations and challenges and yet works with them and around them to save the day, get the girl, and be the every man’s hero!

And with the proper industry support, it is possible that as soon as next Father’s Day you could buy your dad movie tickets to see this incredible and authentic representation of a great character who happens to have a disAbility and will be heralded by guys with or without a disAbility will make them feel like they can be a hero too! And how cool will you be if you bought you father a “London Time” Blu-Ray or DVD for his birthday or Christmas?

I am trying to create a “London Time” movie poster with Photoshop to use for promotional purposes. As soon as I get a basic one done I will update everyone and post it as a new blog entry. Meanwhile, visit http://AbilitiesUnited.com to see updates on what is going on as well as links to the Facebook page, the new “Turning Point” in American cinema page, the Authentic Representation in Hollywood page, make comments, and stay up to date on the latest in the “London Time” progress toward being produced!

Thanks for joining in and supporting this mission and helping me provide an authentic voice, vision, and representation in movies and television!

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