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Hello everyone! I have been busy updating the Abilities United Productions business plan, including the forecast spreadsheets. But to complete it I have to have a “London Time” film production budget – so to do so I have taken the screenplay for a breakdown session, inputed into EP-Scheduling (which I was only able to afford their free download trial with 20 uses – do you know how much they want for that software? Incredible!) where I am now completing the breakdowns of each scene and then will import in the free trial of EP-Budgeting (with only 15 uses) to get a production budget to add to the Abilities United company budget and finally be able to submit it as part of the proposal for the investors we have waiting for us! Just like all previous obstacles over the past several years – I find a way to make it happen! But forgive me for fewblog entries as I rush to get this finished!

Oh and as I titled this entry, I did find some errors on the blog page and I have corrected them and even added a couple new features! Check them out! Keep the faith everyone – as I will keep the impossible dream possible…alive! This will happen and the culture and image of the nearly 6 million Americans with paralysis and the 56+ million with a disAbility in general will change with our AUTHENTIC VOICES, VISIONS, PERFORMANCES and finally introduce to Hollywood and the world NON-STEREOTYPICAL and AUTHENTIC REPRESENTATION of those with a disAbility! We can change Hollywood – yes we can!

2 thoughts on “Blog Updated”

  1. Hi, I am a handicapped person of 38 years, well trained and qualified in Gymnastic. The report in the leading Newspaper ” The Hindu”. After my Training in Gymnastic I have participated in Many State Level.I have obtained Meddles in many events. (photos Attached) Sir, It is my great ambition that I should demonstrate the capabilities of a Paraplegic to the World, to gain acceptance from the society. I am even processing an application to the World Record Book authority to get registered with them. I am under training for getting World Record by Mr. M. Ali of YMCA Madras and Dr. M.S. Nagarajan, Ph.d., National Sports Director – Special Olympics Bharat, New Delhi . Sports advisor – S.O. Asia Pacific Southern Region. I Request your help to give me an Opportunity to story writing exhibit my capability in any of the film contacted in your country so that I can once again prove that the disable are equally good in all physical challenges. I am the only person to have attempted a World Records in the events called “ Longest one handed Maltese “ (Balancing my whole Body with Single Hand horizontally to the ground) I hope this will please you and I will get an opportunity in your film – Story writing and acting. Please help me and very kind of you sir, I will be eagerly waiting for your reply, Thanking You, Yours Sincerely, M. Ganesan.

  2. While I am flattered you contacted me, and I admire your efforts as I believe we have the same
    goals in authentically representing to the world those of us with a disAbility –
    I am not sure our paths will intersect. We are not accepting new material –
    meaning any screenplays or works right now as we first must get our work in
    theatres – you do also express your desire in acting. As soon as we have
    auditions for our new castings you are more than welcome to come demonstrate
    your acting skills and desires for a role in our movies. Meanwhile, feel free
    to comment here any time and give us updates on your efforts that relate to the
    entertainment industry. Thanks for writing and I wish you all the best!

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