Personal Update

Hello Everyone! I just wanted to update you in that I have finally been discharged from the hospital! Yeah! After 9 months I am so glad to be out! Never though a pressure sore would keep me out of commission for so long! All is well now and now that I am out this also means that I have full internet access and be able to update and add items to the website and blog more regularly.

I am in San Pedro, CA now. Still in my beloved SoCal and in fact it is a very nice beach community between Palos Verdes and Long Beach. I have a nice apartment on the 2nd floor which is actually the 3rd floor if you count the first level garage that is below me! It is cool because from my balcony and living room door I can see the Pacific ocean! Not a beach but the Pacific in the distance! It also faces the Port of Los Angeles, which is the largest port in America. On my first day here I saw 2 cruise ships depart from the port! Would’ve been fun to be aboard one of them but still way cool to see them! The port is wonderful at night as I can see a lot of lights from the ships and the huge cranes that load and unload the cargo ships that come and go! So I am happy to be here. Especially compared to the Valley! I have always lived on this side of the Santa Monica mountains and usually close to the beach! So I am home, sweet, home!

Well that is all for the personal updates. I will post a couple of VERY exciting news about the business in the next entry. Meanwhile I do hope all is well with all of you. Take care.

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