Who Will Join Us? Will You?


the time has come. I am not going around and trying to sell my script to Hollywood. Mainly because
I am trying to sell an idea – a well thought out and constructed idea – but
even though the selling of one of my screenplays would solve a lot of – well
all of my financial woes currently – but there is too much more at stake when looking at whole picture and after all isn’t the picture business what we’re in? Not just for a
lasting career, but because of the mission of “Breaking the Hollywood
Stereotypes of Characters and People with a Disability”
will take more
then a simple adding a character using a wheelchair and more than just one screenplay.

how can I do that? Especially when there is already a million guys and girls
out there trying to sell their one screenplay to make it big! Another reason is
the common knowledge or belief if I sell it outright of course it can be and
probably will be bastardized as Hollywood
beginning with development hell and going to a director who has to come up with
his/her vision of that screenplay to bring it to life on the screen. That
brings me to the next reason and that is
I wrote these screenplays so I can direct!
I started out directing music videos in Dallas after attending the Art Institutes’
Music and Video Business and loved creating stories that I then filmed and
interlaced with shots from the band and other interruptions to the story.  I wanted to stretch it into film because I
loved being a director – being on set or location with all the crew and talent
and everyone asking questions and needing direction! It was the first time I
ever felt comfortable due to growing up with ADD! Along with the personal
satisfaction of putting it altogether in post production and then seeing a
story on screen that you created form a blank screen! So now film, movies were
where I had to take my career as I could tell stories longer then the typical 4
minute song. But after my accident which delayed my career into film – into
storytelling on film – and the direction turned to those with a disability – I
couldn’t find any stories that featured characters with a disability. There is
one exception but I didn’t find James Patterson’s “The Midnight Club” which he
wrote years before my accident until much later – so I knew I had to create the
stories so that I could be a storyteller on film and be a director. Now it was
time to learn screenwriting. Damn long way around for a guy who is usually
getting or wanting everything yesterday!

to be a voice that was true and honest it requires a director with a disability
to bring to the screen an authentic element to it. Of course it also requires
an actor with the same or similar disability but the nature of this project
would require that I be the one – not only because I am the writer but because
of the need of authenticity! So now I have written content-specific screenplays that have non-stereotypical roles and
And they contain all the necessary elements that I have learned from
my screenwriting books, videos and guests at the Dallas Screenwriters
Association that would be commercially successful and therefore are universally

course after writing my first one I thought I was going to sell it for $100,000
and everyone would want me to write another! Yeah, right when the actual answer
was, write! So I continued and I knew I had something – I had what was not
being produced in Hollywood
or through independent means. But that was just a benefit in my mind after all I began all of this because I wanted to see
some representation of those who were paralyzed and living a life that didn’t
revolve around their disability – just like myself!

I also found out that it takes more then a great idea for a great cause to get
anyone to pay attention. It comes down to business and that means it had to
also be a great deal, business deal. So I then created the marketing and
distribution strategies that would make it a great deal – I have it all
together to be able to do what Hollywood
has not will answers to all questions and all elements except for one, great
support. If it has great support, meaning a
professional production budget and distribution deal
, then it will be a
great deal. And that is where I am now. I put all of this together and formed
my Abilities United Productions company and now I just have to get the support
that can see the vision that I see. That can see the route that I have outlined
and created to make it a success. Now I have to find someone to join me. So instead of selling a script, I am
selling a concept that includes a great idea for a great cause that has the
potential to be a great deal.


much as I didn’t want to show my hand, it doesn’t seem I have a choice but to
show the whole hand to prove I have what it is that I say I have or at least
believe I have! This is so much more then just a movie with a character who
uses a wheelchair. I have defined my film projects to include the 3 elements I spoke of,
content-specific, authentic and universally appealing that are rarely if ever
combined in the same film. I have created specific
marketing and distribution strategies
that take into account both the
disabled consumer market segment and general audiences. How the films by
Abilities United Productions casting of actors
with the same or similar disabilit
y as the characters will help end the terrible discrimination against
performers/actors with a disability which I also believe that name recognized Hollywood stars will be attracted to
our projects to help end this blatant injustice constantly being done against
those within their own field of acting and give us an advantage over other
indie films they are considering.


Capitalizing on the new James Cameron
“Avatar” that features a
character who is an ex-Marine and a paraplegic
– although it is by an able bodied actor (and not a name recognizable actor as
Hollywood justifies the use of in most of the previous movies with a character
with a disability) and Cameron is the writer and director and therefore has no
“authentic” element – but is being released in 2009 and will warm audiences to
featured characters with a disability in a non-stereotypical role. This is just
a huge benefit of not doing this all alone. And it is James Cameron the writer,
director, producer of the largest box
office grossing movie of all time
and made him “king of the world” with Academy Awards for the Best Picture
“Titanic”! Along with my self and our featured actor rolling our wheelchairs
out on the talk shows to explain the similarities and the differences of our
film that will be released short thereafter. This will play a significant part
in educating potential moviegoers to the authentic voice and representation in
our films which will attract some ticket sales and especially within the
disabled consumer market segment when they see a movie written, directed and
acted by those with a disability. And the A-List co-star telling audiences on
the talk shows that one of the factors that first attracted her to the role was
helping to end the stereotypes and discrimination against actors with a


that it will take more then a one time movie with all of these elements to
change things and make a lasting impact
in American Cinema
changing the stereotypes and discrimination for all
current and future generations to be able to work on their talents, skills and
not be ignored or dismissed as those of us with a disability are today. And
because it will take more then one film to meet this Mission, I have them ready with a slate of screenplays and short
stories I will adapt into screenplays. This is a major reason for forming my
own production company, Abilities United Productions, LLC.


have every corner covered. I can answer
all questions
and by reading my business plan many of them before they are even asked! I have
dedicated 12 years which constitutes all of my second chance at life to
creating what this is today and its potential for what it will become in the
future. A future with actors with a
disability become household names
like any other celebrity without the
labels and categories!


now I am contacting all of the major studios, their independent divisions as
well as independent production companies that can partner with Abilities United
Productions’ and provide the great
support for this potentially great deal
with a necessary professional
production budget and at least a semi-wide release distribution deal to make
the impact that history will record as the “turning point” for those with a
disability in Hollywood on both sides of the camera.


So who will join us?  Are you in? If so then say so in a comment below! Let everyone know, “you’re in” and when those who can
provide the necessary support resources do partner with us I will make it known
here first (unless they prefer to be a silent partner) and let history list
them when the time comes!


So will it be:




Sony Pictures

Twentieth Century Fox

United Artists


Warner Bros.






DreamWorks, SKG

Fortis Films

Happy Madison Productions

Icon Productions

Jersey Films



New Line

Paramount Vantage


Revolution Studios

Searchlight Pictures

Sony Classics


one of the ones who I will contact tomorrow or the day after that? I am
contacting so many for a few reasons. One is that my formula for “Breaking the Hollywood Stereotypes of Characters and
People with a Disability”
will be known throughout the industry as
originating from me! Second to create competition among them but I just wish to
get any attention and if they know I am contacting their competitors they may
want to be the “one” who will have the best of both worlds – making a significant change in American
changing the history of stereotypes and discrimination against
those with a disability AND making a LOT of money!


the last but certainly not the least reason for the blitz of contacting as many
as possible is because I need this to happen ASAPP – I took the risk of taking my Abilities United to the next level and
have come into a few obstacles in which now I am totally broke – which is
obviously causing some problems with things like food, medicine, rent and
utilities and unable to move back home
to SoCal
as this stepping stone from Dallas to Cali has lasted too long as
it is!


the time has come – and I completely believe that I have the whole package –
ready to provide unique films that are universally appealing, commercially
viable and to achieve our Mission
and Vision that will make Abilities United Productions the premier motion
picture production company that features those with a disability! Are you in?




One thought on “Who Will Join Us? Will You?”

  1. I like your heart Larry. You keep doing what your doing and you will prevail where others could not. You and everyone with a disAbility have my support.

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