Biz Update

Things with the formation of the business are moving along. And I am very excited about the current business environment with what we are doing in establishing Abilities United Productions as the premier motion picture and television production company that specializes in content-specific, authentic and universally appealing entertainment!

The marketing of this business with a unique mission is one that has to be aggressive and clear. Although we are producing films that have the starring character as a person with a disability, and primarily at this time, characters using a wheelchair(that is what I have written), and using only actors with the same or similar disability should attract those with a disability but are not exclusively targeted to those with a disability. Some think that our mission of using the content-specific material (meaning the screenplays that are written with the main character has a disability) and are authentic (meaning are written and directed by me, a paraplegic and are acted by actors with a disability) that they will only be interested by those within the disabled consumer market! That is part of the stereotypes that we are breaking! Although this is a point where I like to point to the facts that the disabled consumer market is the largest and fastest growing minority in America – with 54+ million – and a spending power of over $1 Trillion a year – which many other industries have now found out and are specifically marketed to attract – this is a great “Segment” of moviegoers that we hope will become loyal followers not only coming to future films that we produce but also buying the DVD and other merchandise from the current movie because of our realistic and honest portrayals.

Some come to these conclusions which brings concerns that it will only be attracted to those in the disabled community but do so without ever looking at the “universally appealing” part of our mission – without ever reading my scripts! But that is where nothing but another challenge lies!

There is a lot of concerns and questions but I can give an answer for each and every one of them! So now I am currently getting some attention and from those who will look at the whole picture – since I also point out that  James Cameron’s next  blockbuster movie – which is in production now – features a character  in the starring role of his futuristic, sci-fi, action movie is a paraplegic! And when the audiences go in droves to see this movie that currently has a release date in 2009 – Abilities United Productions will be positioned and therefore known for bringing characters and people with a disability to the front of the entertainment business – and when all the other studios want to follow Cameron’s success, they will know where to look for authentic projects – ABILITIES UNITED PRODUCTIONS!

We are in this for the long run – not just for one movie! Finally a production company specifically setup and doing this over and over again! That is what the difference is between the movies of the past that were produced and acted by well-meaning Al Jolson’s in a wheelchair! They were looking at just doing that one picture! I am getting investors to look at more then just one movie – and how this will become a “turning point” in Hollywood for all of those with a disability both in front of and behind the camera and the audiences too!  Look out – Here we come!

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